Roots & Spirit

We have been Drop | e-business & love! for more than 20 years. Love is still the same but e-business has evolved.
Today we study, conceive, design, develop and manage solutions for a new world where digital and physical experience are now integrated.

Over the years we have evolved and learned to be adaptive. Knowledge is no longer enough, it is necessary to know how to learn and face the new.
Today we decided to make a quantum leap to satisfy what tomorrow's commerce will be. Drop has entered the Horsa group: 2,000 colleagues with deep, vertical skills in all areas that make up every piece of commerce like Data & Analytics, ERP, CRM, Customer Data Platform and UCV, Supply Chain, Cloud & Security. Today we are a reference commerce player on the national scene.


More about us


Drop was born in central Italy, in the Marche region, one of the most exciting areas in Europe. Mountains, hills, sea.

Organisational Model

Drop looks with curiosity at innovative models that go beyond the classic pyramid and managerial approach. We have read about Holacracy, Self Management, Teal, Agile, Scrum, OKR, etc.

"We prefer to define ourselves as people centric rather than customer centric"

Sustainability & Ethics

For us sustainability is an implicit value that starts from respect for people up to attention for the protection of nature and our earth.

"We believe in balance, a sort of harmony between people, numbers and technologies"

Points of view

We like the idea of approaching technological innovation through the eyes of a child, with that enthusiasm, sense of discovery and excitement for exploration. Our engine is based precisely on curiosity, experimentation, acceptance of error as part of the game.

Project approach

We are also adaptive in our design approach. Where we find the conditions, we work in Agile (Scrum) basing the customer/supplier relationship on maximum trust.


Design & Development by Basilico Agency


3D model created by modifying "Flower Point Cloud Photogrammetry" © Moshe Caine (Licensed under CC BY 4.0)


Drop s.r.l.
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Headquarter: Via Sandro Pertini 1 – 63812 Montegranaro (FM)
Drop is part of Horsa Spa