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At the beginning of 2023 - after a year of warm up - Drop's entry into the Horsa group is finalized. While some players in our sector merge to become bigger, others sell, we have chosen to evolve to be ready and structurally adequate for "total commerce".

With the entry into Horsa today we are consistent on all commerce fronts: 20 years ago e-commerce was perceived as "a site". Today it is widespread in all company processes and resources. The scenario is complex and requires thought, deep skills, awareness, experience, integration, synergy between supply chains, retail, wholesale, storefronts, marketplaces, dropshippers.
This scenario implies a profound awareness and direct experience on the fronts: tech, data & analytics, ERP, retail solutions, POS, CRM, OMS, etc.
Horsa represents the best completion to Drop's commerce approach.
More than 2,000 professionals between Milan, Turin, Bologna, Rome, Vicenza, Montegranaro, etc. who move skilfully between technologies and business solutions: SAP, Microsoft, Data & Analytics, Cloud & Security, Commerce, Metaverso.

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Drop s.r.l.
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Headquarter: Via Sandro Pertini 1 – 63812 Montegranaro (FM)
Drop is part of Horsa Spa