Sustainability & Ethics

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For us sustainability is an implicit value that starts from respect for people up to attention for the protection of nature and our earth.

For the moment we will not follow particular certifications, but we will try to spread a cultural basis based on respect for what surrounds us: people, nature, things.
Some fronts on which we are naturally active:

  • we encourage the use of collection points to reduce emissions resulting from e-commerce deliveries
  • we limit the use of paper
  • we limit the air conditioning by taking advantage of the insulation guaranteed by the roof garden
  • we recycle coffee filters to fertilise
  • we use the xeriscaping method for the company garden
  • we have adopted and planted 240 olive trees

The people are also involved in sustainability: we are against precarious employment and we seek lasting human and professional connections. In contracts and in our relationships with customers and suppliers we put integrity, honesty, frankness and respect before profit.
We offer customers ethical contracts with reasonable way outs. We are against "ad nutum" withdrawal clauses imposed by virtue of a dominant position which destabilise the company by forcing it to work without a horizon.