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Drop was born in central Italy, in the Marche region, one of the most exciting areas in Europe.
Mountains, hills, sea.

This background allows us to use the metaphor of rural DNA: combining simplicity and nature with concreteness, promoting a new model of professionalism alternative to metropolitan stereotypes in favour of the recovery of human values and sustainability.

We believe in a balance between customer satisfaction and the company and its people: a harmony between people, numbers and technologies. We prefer to define ourselves as people-centred rather than customer-centred.

Surrounded by greenery, our offices are one large open space full of light. We seek to combine as many different people as possible, their culture, knowledge and skills. We are going beyond roles and scopes by favouring trust, interdepartmental interaction and mutual support, creating virtuous functional synergies.

Drop is a reality that loves digital as much as human interaction and nature with its rhythms: hence the metaphor of "growing", understood as organic growth, cultivation, care.


Design & Development by Basilico Agency


3D model created by modifying "Flower Point Cloud Photogrammetry" © Moshe Caine (Licensed under CC BY 4.0)


Drop s.r.l.
VAT 01383870431
Headquarter: Via Sandro Pertini 1 – 63812 Montegranaro (FM)
Drop is part of Horsa Spa