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"I’m convinced that there can be luxury in simplicity".

Sober and androgynous style with clear lines and proportions. Jil Sander, a German designer considered Coco Chanel's disciple, revisits fashion in a minimal style. The fashion house has become synonymous with understated sophistication and subtle luxury, continuing to influence the international fashion landscape with its distinctive vision.

Through collaboration with Drop as a technology partner, Jil Sander has benefited from innovative and tailor-made logistics solutions, which have optimized the efficiency of the supply chain and distribution allowing the brand to manage the flow of its products in a more agile and precise way products all over the world.

What we’ve done

  • Merchant of records

  • Cross-border optimization

  • OMS custom-made (Salesforce CC)

  • Integrated logistics

  • Drop BI

  • Customer care (2nd level)

  • Main markets: USA, JP

  • Fraud management


Design & Development by Basilico Agency


3D model created by modifying "Flower Point Cloud Photogrammetry" © Moshe Caine (Licensed under CC BY 4.0)


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