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“The Coccinelle woman breathes joy. She is elegant but also spontaneous, generous and optimistic”.

Parma, 1978. The first Coccinelle bag was born here. An all-female team that still today handicraftsly produces bags and accessories from the best Italian leathers, with designs and colours that wink at current trends.
Coccinelle bags accompany women on everyday adventures: whether in the office, travelling or during an evening with friends, the aim is to represent female carefreeness and resourcefulness.
Officially started in September 2023, the collaboration between Drop and Coccinelle touches on various commerce fronts.

What we’ve done

  • Platform development (Adobe Commerce)

  • E-commerce management

  • Merchant of Records

  • Logistics

  • Drop OMS

  • Fraud management

  • Performance marketing

  • Customer Care (1st & 2nd level)