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“A story of passion from Italian origins”.

Coccinelle was born in Parma in 1978, creativity and passion for the best leathers declined to the trends of the moment represent its strong point. The unmistakable style of Coccinelle bags has allowed the brand to grow and bring the leitmotif of each collection all over the world.

Officially started in September 2023, the collaboration between Drop and Coccinelle touches on various e-commerce fronts.

What we’ve done

  • Platform development (Adobe Commerce)

  • E-commerce management

  • Merchant of Records

  • Logistics

  • Drop OMS

  • Fraud management

  • Performance marketing

  • Customer Care (1st & 2nd level)


Design & Development by Basilico Agency


3D model created by modifying "Flower Point Cloud Photogrammetry" © Moshe Caine (Licensed under CC BY 4.0)


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