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“It's not the motorbike that bends, but the road that bends to it. When a Ducati passes by, the world stops to greet it".

A Bolognese company founded in 1926 thanks to the engineer Antonio Cavalieri Ducati, it took the name of Società Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati, specialised in the production of radio communications technologies.
From intuition and high expertise in the field, the company soon began to branch out into various industrial fields until it became the best-known motorcycle company in Italy and in the world.
The collaboration with Ducati has been ongoing since 2020, the year in which we began managing the Bolognese company's e-commerce.


What we’ve done

  • Platform development (Adobe Commerce)

  • CRM integration (SSO)

  • E-commerce management

  • Merchant of Records

  • Integrated logistics

  • Customer Care (1st & 2nd level)

  • Web marketing

  • Email marketing

  • WW e-commerce strategy

  • Fraud management


  • +20%

    2023 Net sales

  • +15%

    2023 Conversion rate

  • +7%

    2023 Traffic


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