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“A story of mountaineering, passion, innovation”.

A brand appreciated by mountain enthusiasts and beyond, the Trentino company is a world leader in the production of climbing shoes and boots for the high mountains.
Founded in 1928 by the shoemaker from Tesero (Trento) Narciso Delladio, it is still 100% owned by the Delladio family and entered the winter and summer technical clothing market thanks to the use of innovative products.

What we’ve done

  • Setup support for e-commerce platform (Magento 2)

  • Merchant of Records

  • Warehousing

  • Integrated Logistics

  • Drop BI

  • Customer Care (1st & 2nd level)


  • +7.3%

    Net sales compared to 2022

  • +5.15%

    Global sales compared to 2022

  • +4.7%

    Average Order Value (AOV) compared to 2022