Technological Scenario

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Today, the e-commerce scenario has evolved strongly, becoming extremely articulated. What only a few years ago was realised with a standalone platform, today appears as a complex ecosystem of applications and services that interact with each other, conversing via APIs (we are talking about what is now being touted under the buzzword 'composable').

The up-to-date, e-business-ready company of tomorrow benefits from elements that talk to each other:

  • systems for order management even in distributed and omnichannel contexts where orchestration is required (DOMS)
  • systems for master data and asset management (PIM/DAM)
  • systems for inventory and warehouse management (IMS, WMS)
  • systems for managing customisation of the experience based on AI
  • systems for customer relationship management (CRM)
  • systems for unified customer data management (CDP/UCV), for segmenting your market by interacting with it through Marketing Automation systems
  • ... and much more.

All this implies high vision, planning and perspective.
Drop can guide you towards a pragmatic and cost-effective P&L approach in this highly technical and fractional scenario.