Internationalisation/Cross border

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Thanks to our field work in international sales, we have gained solid expertise in the customs and tax regulations of various countries worldwide. Drop has not only been a system integrator for more than 20 years, but is also a merchant active in almost all countries of the world with its own tax representations where necessary (e.g. USA, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, etc.).

We are therefore able to give strategic support in planning and subsequent entry into new markets. When the cross-border market becomes relevant, there are necessary, useful and economic aspects to be evaluated.

A couple of examples: when certain turnover thresholds are exceeded, in some countries it is necessary to start collecting local VAT and paying it to the agency of the respective country. 

This implies a lot of setup work on both the bureaucratic and technological front.

Another typical aspect of cross-border scenarios: tend to pay in duties, VAT, fees and charges, amounts that are not exact, sometimes unnecessary. Errors in customs codes, amounts paid several times, sub-optimal flows. All this leads some companies to lose hundreds of thousands of euros, unknowingly. 

On this front, Drop proposes audits and due diligence aimed at cost optimisation.
Currently, Drop operates directly with almost all global markets, up to remote and complex countries: US, China, Japan, Australia, etc.