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Retail, logistics, data analysis, contact management, automation, e-commerce platform, PIM/DAM/MDM, Order Management, Loyalty, WMS, Analytics. A tongue twister to define some of the elements that have to talk to each other in a complex commerce ecosystem.

At Drop we have concrete skills and experience to help you best define your e-business model and evolution roadmap. And we do so with the knowledge of those who have been running e-commerce themselves for more than 20 years.

20 years of managing e-commerce businesses allows us to help you draw up a project/forecast document capable of supporting and motivating choices, costs and expectations.
The framework we will create together will be a reference tool in the management and evolution of your project.

As in any couple, family or business, it is necessary to have a shared plan and a roadmap to implement it.
E-business is not an object out of the box but a system that must be cultivated progressively with the right cultural basis and a plan: the roadmap.
This must be articulated on several fronts: technology, integration, organisation, human resources, know-how, culture.

Omnichannel is today a necessity strongly demanded by the market.
People want to interact with your company continuously through every channel, in an integrated manner.  Not only that: omnicanality allows you to be more efficient by achieving better P&L.
Today we are gradually abandoning the use of the word OMNICANALITY in favour of the word COMMERCE to emphasise the convergent approach on all fronts.
At Drop, we can help you realise your 'total commerce' in a progressive and effective manner by acting on technology, integration, organisation, processes.

We can accompany you by designing an insourcing roadmap that will bring you direct control over e-commerce assets, once seen as stand-alone but now so integrated with the company's business that they have become strategic and vital. We will help you design processes, choose the right technologies and services, identify people and organise them.



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