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We have a lot of data in circulation, often heterogeneous, almost always ignored or underused or unmanaged. This results in a loss of opportunity and sometimes even a risk. Data, when handled properly, form the basis of analytical and predictive dashboards that offer the possibility of making informed and timely decisions.

Data is also the basis of systems that make use of Artificial Intelligence as well as can be the source of archives, data lakes, etc.

The whole world of marketing automation is based on data: these are often collected and organised in CDPs (Customer Data Platforms) and made available to third party systems that segment and automate.

At Drop we deal with Business Intelligence, Forecasting, Privacy-aware Contact Management, CRM, CDP/UCV, AI-driven Recommendation & Personalisation.

All starting with conscious data management.

Since 2012 Drop has developed Drop.BI, its own cloud-based Business Intelligence platform, optimised for online retailers. For specific insights we use Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, Salesforce Tableau, Google Looker Studio and ETL (extract, transform, load) systems.

Horsa Insights
It is the team of the Horsa group - of which Drop is part - that is vertical in the world of data & analytics. Drop + Horsa Insights together constitute an international excellence in the world of data applied to commerce: more than 2000 professionals located in the Milan, Montegranaro and Vicenza offices.