Privacy, Social, Legal & Fiscal compliance

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The international market requires compliance: compliance with local regulations on several fronts. On the privacy front, we know that data is crucial to achieve results but it is also crucial to manage it in a way that respects the customer's wishes and privacy.

Drop is able to help you ensure legal compliance without penalising performance by having a thorough understanding of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) aspects impacting your e-commerce.

On the tax side, for more than 15 years, Drop has been a Merchant of Records (MoR) and handles the complexities of VAT and duties globally.
If you rely on Drop as MoR, Drop will invoice the consumer and your company will have a greatly simplified administrative/tax scenario.
If you opt for in-house finance management, we can help you set up an organisation with the right staff and processes.

Compliance does not only stop at tax and privacy issues, but also touches on social issues (ADA Compliance in the US is a typical example). Here too, Drop has the right solutions to be up to date.