Go to China

We have experience and have witnessed the struggles of many consumer brands when entering China.

Finding a reliable partner who can manage to localize a consumer brand based on solid data insights, activate the brand without messing up its DNA while increasing market share and ROI has been a huge challenge.

Brands were forced to set up a local team to manage these challenges with different partners which resulted in in-efficient integration as well as high cost. Most mid-size brands are not able to break even within 2-3 years and eventually leave.


We choosed a Chinese business partner to be that one reliable partner who brings all solutions a brand is desiring under one roof and reduce a brand’s market entry cost and risk to a minimum as well as provide a fast way to enter China with all relevant elements.
With our Chinese partner we strive to become and invest in our brand partners with the focus to localise, activate, sell and sustain in China’s extremely fast and ever changing consumer market.We work with full transparency and share the risks and success with our brand partners. We are in it for the long haul!

Values that we will provide our brand partners are listed below. You can see this also as a process (or area of services) that is necessary to grow and sustain in China.

Brand Localization

Data-driven marketers are behind the team who consult the brands on localization strategies.
Tastes and trends are changing at tremendous speed in China. Expect a localization strategy that is based on close to real-time data insights that impacts how you should be positioned to succeed.

Sales Distribution
Based on the outcome of our recommended localization analysis we will devise most relevant distribution touch points and how best to leverage them.
In addition we help with the strategic selection of the most suitable partners in distribution, online retail (TP) and offline retail.

Brand Activation

We are driven by data, technology and creativity.
A successful brand activation strategy only mean something if it drives real actionable results.
That is what we work for and we know exactly how to do it in order to achieve maximum ROI.

Growth Investment

One of our commitment is to be fully transparent and share the risk with our brand partners.
To strengthen our commitment we intent to invest a significant fund to accelerate our brand partner’s growth by forming a JV or similar partnership models